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 Industry Overview
With the continuous development of the cause of afforestation, forest area, forest stock volume increased year by year, fire prevention is the most important task. The forest fire has the sudden disaster occurrence, randomness, a short time can cause huge loss of characteristics. So once a fire occurs, it must be so fast to take remedial measures, saves time, decision, main reason depends on whether the fire behavior found in time. Therefore both at home and abroad for the prevention, reduction and control of forest fires and efforts.
According to the actual situation of forest coverage in China, because the forest terrain condition is very complex, not suitable for wired transmission mode usually, node. The company after several years of practice, a set of feasible solutions -- wireless image monitoring system for forest fire prevention.
Forest fire wireless image monitoring system is composed of forest monitoring and management command center system, wireless transmission system and control system, camera lens, system, power supply system and tower. Forest management command center system is shown, image video control center image of the entire system, with remote control function, to provide comprehensive, clear, workable, recording, playback real-time images to the command and dispatch personnel. Forest management command center system also has to the superior Forestry Bureau and the Provincial Forestry Department interface function.
System design key point
To achieve real-time monitoring in the forest under the complex environment, the system to have the following characteristics:
1, the environment lead to large monitoring range. Control point selection, the camera should be installed in the forest height requirements, wide field of vision, accessibility, monitoring point of view, to less monitoring points, and as far as possible so that each monitoring point monitoring covers the largest area of forest, such as unable to avoid the dead angle, can increase the monitoring point.
2, all-weather monitoring. Monitoring point to work around the clock, this needs to select the camera should be selected with infrared sensitive color to black and white camera lens should be chosen; day and night lens, and 3KM can see the characters; outdoor integrated platform selection of screw transmission platform requirements, in order to reduce the distance image jitter, the camera mounting to ensure secure.
3, the transmission link is the key link in the system. Due to the characteristics of forest fire monitoring and controlling its transmission is not possible, by wire or cable, so the best way is wireless transmission. The wireless transmission mode with simple construction, low cost, one-time investment and other advantages, will undoubtedly become the transmission link monitoring system preferred. Real time image transmission, clear, the transmission frequency is optional, and can according to the transmission distance, the natural conditions are different, the power size can according to requirements, in the case of the obstacle case, by erecting relay (image / data) system.
4, forest fire prevention involves a wide range, long distance. The need to monitor the forest and management center distance, more scattered distribution. Usually use 2.4G and 5.8G product mixed network model. For the far end point distribution intensive using 5.8G point to multipoint network model; for the far end point of individual distance can be used 2.4G products network.
Power supply 5, front-end equipment. In the forest fire monitoring system, can provide a stable power supply to the front-end equipment is very important. So we in the choice of monitoring points, try to choose a fixed power supply place, but we will consider the far center monitoring point power distance, then reflect the long-distance transmission of wireless equipment advantage. If you cannot find the active right, so can only use solar power supply mode.
In the use of solar power mode, first of all, to choose solar power company of professional products; secondly, the solar power system to ensure the minimum in the rainy day, can give the front end of each monitoring point of all equipment to provide 24 hours of power. Solar power system consists of solar cell components of solar array, a solar charging controller, inverter, battery group. Solar cell array in the daytime the sun light energy is converted to electrical energy, power to the load at the same time, also to the battery charge; in the absence of light, by the battery to supply the load.
6, lightning protection grounding must be safe and reliable. Forest fire monitoring system is the weakness of the front end of the lightning protection and earthing of the front-end equipment, lightning protection and earthing effect directly the safety and reliability of the whole project, ignoring the lightning protection and earthing will bring huge losses, lightning is the principle of all the equipment to be installed within the protection range of lightning rod, connection resistance less than 10 ohm, such as engineering business without lightning protection and earthing of ability, suggestions and local professional lightning protection and grounding, lightning protection and earthing of cooperation, the characteristics are determined by their environment and affect the actual lightning protection effect, so from the details of the location of the project and the design of lightning protection and grounding is the empty talk, and not feasible.
7, in order to find out the fire, the front have smoke sensors and alarm equipment. At this time, need to pay attention to:
(1) 485 line sensor and alarm equipment correctly and video encoder.
(2) 485.
(3) control protocol of front and back end must be consistent.
(4) a distal end and back-end equipment baud rate must be set up.
8, center of real-time monitoring of front-end equipment working state. Because the front-end monitoring equipment