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 The system design objectives and principles
In order to implement the "three one" bank work, the use of modern science and technology, the wide area backbone network based on the area, a new generation of bank monitoring system is divided into the branch, branch, savings and branch three level network management model, the branch as the network center of the whole system, branch level two network node, savings and branch into three levels of network nodes, the establishment of a safe, efficient, remote network monitoring system of advanced.
Branches and sub branches through the remote monitoring system of bank employees, working condition, quality of service, for the main business, customer behavior in the process of the implementation of effective supervision, make business organizations often door management difficult problem has been solved fundamentally; to confirm the authenticity of network alarm information, and with the "110 alarm and command center" make a timely decision; and can provide a business dispute occurs when the evidence basis, using powerful alarm network video monitoring management, to provide effective technical support for the prevention of crime and put an end to.
Advanced, safety and reliability is an important principle of bank based wide area monitoring system based on. First bank monitoring system must ensure all-weather 24 hours of uninterrupted work; secondly, the system has strong developing capability, due to the expansion of the business or organization adjustment, may at any time to increase monitoring scale; thirdly, to control and management level of reasonable access, ensure the safety monitoring system; finally, the system requires open based on the system of standards and technology, which can access available peripherals.
System design
According to the bank and the specific requirements of the various business organizations, combined with the actual situation of the local telecommunications lines, the whole network monitoring system design for several key parts; multimedia monitoring management subsystem, remote video and audio transmission subsystem, alarm information processing and uploading subsystem, commuter door management subsystem, integrated management system.
Multimedia monitoring system plays a monitoring, monitoring, alarm, timing arming and disarming, PTZ camera control, operation and alarm record query, print reports and photos, teller digital video effects. It integrates traditional matrix, alarm host, split screen device, controller and other devices are integrated into a whole, not only greatly reduces the fault rate of the whole system, and the system in the alarm occurs automatically generates the corresponding action.
For example: node duty personnel information to light, text, and video, all activities are completed by the user, reduces the emergency event of panic and fault treatment.
The main function of remote video and audio transmission subsystem is responsible for, is to make the agency physically each isolated through a wide area network, the real-time (video and audio) in the network transfer to take place, for example: the upper level can be visible to subordinate the management, not only can see clear image, but also can talk; the same level of are also available through the network communication, improve work efficiency, it is a good way to reduce costs.
Take a very important role for alarm processing and uploading subsystem, the system not only makes the alarm information is timely processing locally, but also can timely reported to the branch and branch corresponding security departments and competent leadership, notice "110 alarm and command center" at the same time, alarm data in a branch database, support various backup query the print operation, as the analysis and verification of evidence, basis.
Commuter door management system is to strengthen the internal bank staff behavior monitoring and supervision, do not give criminals the opportunity, switch state commuter door timely reported to the branch and branch, such as door in 2 seconds to open or not securely fastened, will generate an alarm to remind the staff on duty, safety hidden trouble in time to come, through this data of the branch and branch for each employee's working state is known and done well documented.
Integrated management system is to play the functions in the subsystem interface, maintenance, management role, is mainly the database management, remote information after data collection, classification, the information statistics, recording, printing and so on, to realize intelligent management model.