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 A, project overview
The development of educational information, from the hardware construction, the initial network construction, to solve the "car" and "road", to the development of specific "what pull goods", an important position gradually in the education informationization construction. The information technology used in teaching, in the form of complex and diverse, especially with the hardware configuration and the continuous improvement of network bandwidth, network video communication technology has wide application in the field of education conditions. With the development of information technology, network teaching mode and there are a wide range of applications. Initially, the network teaching also remain in the text, the concept is actually an extension of the "correspondence", education through the network access to learning materials themselves, but from the form, is not true teaching, cannot replace the classroom teaching, at best is a useful supplement. Only in the interactive mode of development of network video technology, the remote teaching can give full play to its strong social significance, this system basically simulates various elements of classroom teaching, little difference from the results on the two, from the form is much more convenient.
Education industry network video monitoring solution
Education industry network video monitoring solution
Two, the campus network monitoring features.
Strengthen campus security management, the maintenance of normal security environment on campus, to improve the teaching of school modernization management level, the network monitoring system installed on campus, key parts to strengthen the monitoring system and alarm system linkage, has become the most campus safety construction of consensus. Unlike the video monitoring system of general enterprises, campus security building has its own characteristics, therefore, the construction of campus security monitoring system needs to meet its own needs, in general, campus network has the following characteristics monitoring system construction:
Monitoring areas: school personnel intensive, require monitoring to campus every corner. Therefore, the school entrance channel, outdoor plaza, playground, sports venues, campus green space, parking lot, in school buildings around the building, the balcony, corridor, ceiling, elevators, laboratory, classroom, library, reference room, financial room, computer room, warehouse, distribution room, boiler room, need install surveillance cameras.
Monitoring of large area: the school campus area generally larger, monitoring points, the network of paved line length, route complex. Requirements of the system to support multiple wiring way, the use of existing backbone line part of the reserved line can be the best, and reasonably distributed to each control area; or the use of logical network campus network planning is relatively independent, network node diffusion in the region, and the maintenance is convenient for construction.
Monitoring and clear picture: campus monitoring requirements of video resolution of at least D1 or million pixels and above, especially the surveillance video to see the details of monitoring object, to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the evidence, and extended to other business and management applications through clear video.
Monitoring environment is different: the campus in various places and regional functions, indoor and outdoor, temperature and humidity, illumination conditions, monitoring points, monitoring scope, monitor the density, power supply, the wiring conditions vary, so need according to different application environment choose different adaptability of camera.
System alarm: monitoring system with motion detection function, can according to the special requirements of regional and time, set reasonable detection alarm strategy, and police intelligence uploaded to the network monitoring center through the network, while the image is automatically switched to the field, and give an alarm signal, and automatically recording, automatically send e-mail and upload real-time video files, it is easy to take emergency measures in a timely manner.
Prevent school violence: when the campus violence or human judgment is likely to occur at all levels, operators can emit alarm trigger signal, suggesting that security personnel rushed to the scene; at the same time in the key monitoring region and guard room to install emergency alarm button, manual touch emergency button, to the 110 alarm center alarm, the police timely, prevention or stop the violence events on campus.
Strengthen the computer forensics: during the course of the students, the need for video recordings of all monitoring points, and according to the actual needs, set the all-weather video and video footage triggered different strategies, convenient accidents or injuries to the burden of proof; during winter and summer vacation, should be in accordance with the requirements of opening degree and the safety level of different regions, set the corresponding video strategy.
Multi system integration: make full use of management platform of network video monitoring, information resources, strengthen the security monitoring and perimeter protection, access control, electronic patrol, video conferencing, emergency coordination, fire protection, as well as the integration of other special application system, promote information sharing and group together, forming an organic whole, combined with the school daily work, improve the function and efficiency, to maximize the role of.
Application range: at present, many colleges and universities have multiple campuses, each campus monitoring system requires multiple networking and convergence, strengthen the day-to-day management of the school and flexibility. At the same time, the use of video surveillance system, especially the high definition, low bit rate video sources, combined with audio frequency acquisition, tracking and other special functions, remote education, multimedia teaching, electronic invigilating and other applications.
Operation is simple: the implementation of the system to reflect the characteristics of the local network, equipment through the IP address