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 Electric power industry is the traditional video monitoring system by the technology development limited, field monitor only, and the remote monitoring, remote control, anti-theft, fire protection and alarm systems organically, can be remote monitoring, remote control and image transmission, and has the overall control environment, and has usually network alarm function. Remote monitoring network will be the best solution for the substation system, can effectively prevent, combat crime, protect the property safety. To ensure the stable running of the system, will improve security technology to a new level, this has become the main direction of the current application of substation monitoring development.
Network structure diagram:
Business functions:
1, according to the need to deploy wireless front-end monitoring, real-time observation of live video;
2, can deploy powerful station terminal equipment, live video, real-time observation of remote substation environment parameters, to grasp the dynamic information of the field operating environment and equipment, state;
3, the remote hierarchical management, user authorization management under the jurisdiction of the site;
Analysis of 4, intelligent video assisted support, such as cross-border video analysis function;
5, network alarm, rapid response and handling of abnormal events.
Operational highlights:
1, monitoring system, monitoring system, alarm system, fire alarm system, remote control system, combined with the organic system, so as to improve the safety and convenience of the unattended or fewer people on duty substation personnel and equipment;
2, support wireless front-end access mode, solar power, adapt to all kinds of field monitoring environment;
3, station terminal equipment and powerful, can support video, access information such as the sensors and upload, the alarm signal data video screen, on-site staff out of the situation, the specific environment in a timely manner to monitor centre;
4, to support the intelligent video analysis, real-time remote monitoring equipment safety.