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 Intelligent Building network monitoring system to monitor the main entrance, lobby, lobby, elevators, box, the main channel, business places and other places was
Effective monitoring daily on the import channel building internal personnel exchanges, and various public places personnel
Need to various places of the video data to save for future query
The organic connection with the building fire, broadcasting, anti-theft system, to achieve the alarm, guard against all kinds of unexpected accidents to
System function
The video server, lenses and other equipment grouping management
The user data, control data centralized management
Multi screen display / full screen display, support camera, preset wheel.
The user can according to the priority level (0-255 level) to control the camera, tripod motion
Image motion detection alarm, video
Through the electronic map search equipment, but also has functions such as zoom, jump
Support for automatic, manual recording, screen capture
Support for remote alarm, alarm and linkage control
System features
With the traditional closed-circuit television and digital monitor system, Beijing Shengda network video monitoring system has some unique advantages:
The complete network monitoring
Let you in any place can access network can realize remote monitoring needs;
Network storage
The system can realize local, remote video storage and video query and playback;
Image quality
The high performance adaptive streaming media server equipment used in the system, a clear image can reach Full D1, good real-time performance, according to the network situation, the transmission rate can be between 1 and 25 frames / second adaptive adjustment;
The use of simple operation, convenient management
No need to install the client software, directly remote monitoring and remote management through WEB;
Safety control and management
The system provides image monitoring flexible for users to choose the right, to control the focal length of the lens, multiples and aperture, and the turning platform, and the realization of alarm and security strategy, can realize the electronic map control, realize the linkage alarm function;
Grouping the user's rights management
Can be grouped and access control on the monitoring management, efficient management;
Safe and reliable
To make information more secure, reliable use of network security technology, encryption of data transmission network VPN tunnel support, making the video image is more safe when in remote monitoring;
Convenient networking
According to the network bandwidth video stream can be adjusted automatically, the system can complete a variety of control functions in any existing network;
Continue to upgrade and expansion, reduce the overall cost of investment, and other management control compatibility.