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·Intelligent Transportation Sol

Allianz lion 's company independent research and development of intelligent transport solutions , not only to keep track of the vehicle 's location , but also on the health of the work of police officers and police in the whole process
Monitoring and recording , to prevent the phenomenon of illegal police officers in dealing with the incident, but also can be used as evidence to distinguish the responsibility of police officers and the people in the conflict, supervision of police officers in the tree
Establish a good image of the government , such as protecting the interests of the government and the masses.

With 3G wireless monitoring system, upper management personnel and police officers can run real time over the network location , operational status on remote command emergencies , to
Provide good services to the people and enhance the good image of the government departments in the masses .
Main features :
Social security video surveillance , monitoring and recording all-round social security situation , facilitate the timely processing of police officers emergencies
· Enforcement live video surveillance, law enforcement to effectively regulate and reduce police disputes, easy to distinguish when a dispute liability
· Voice call system, docking with the police center , remote intercom, timely access management center support
mass evacuation
· real-time broadcasting system , through the vehicle radio equipment , promptly issued a voice reminder , easy to manage security and emergency situations · GSP location tracking , tracks can be recorded with law enforcement vehicles , to facilitate centralized scheduling and management , and to prevent such violations Gongjusiyong
· Through 3G, WIFI network , enabling remote monitoring, video capture, video downloads and other remote management
* Improved management : The system has a distributed design , cascading architecture centralized management to achieve with the Public Security Bureau police official vehicle management center , information sharing